Services For Corporations

Voel offers a number of classes and workshops for corporate groups.  Individual coaching programs are also available for managers.

Specific modules are available and designed to meet the specific goals of your organization.

Great care is given to the quality and delivery of the material provided. All materials are included.

Danyelle’s corporate clients have received numerous awards in HR excellence and in Total Quality Implementation including the Motorola Excellence Award.  These awards were directly linked to the quality of the classes and workshops provided by Danyelle’s organization.

Fees for services to corporations are determined by the number of participants as well as the nature of mandate.

If you are interested in organizing training and coaching for your corporate groups simply email

Here is a list of classes and workshops available for corporate groups.


“Increasing the performance of your employees through Self-empowerment.”

The environment in which our organizations deliver services and products has changed dramatically in the last few years. Our employees live in a world where the stock market is unstable at best and where the economic conditions are less than ideal.

All of this has shaken us all to the core.

How can we build solid organizations with individuals who live in such stressful circumstances?

Only strong, self-motivated individuals can build strong and resilient organizations.

These individuals, managers and employees alike, need to find within themselves the resources needed to perform their tasks in an optimum manner and to learn new skills demanded by a constantly changing environment. To do so, they need to rely on their own inner strength and creativity.  They need to be self-empowered.

Most of us are affected by the situation in the world, we operate out of our Ego consciousness.  We resist change, experience high levels of stress in our jobs and are constantly affected by what is out there. These are attributes of living life from our EGOS. Because of this, our performance may not meet corporate expectations.

Transforming individuals operating out of EGO consciousness to individuals operating out of SELF consciousness is the ONLY guaranteed way to strengthen and to increase your organization’s performance.


What we offer

Voel offers motivational presentations, classes and workshops for employees and managers. These cover the following areas 

  1. strategic thinking
  2. leadership skills
  3. team-building skills
  4. self-motivational skills
  5. problem-solving skills
  6. communication skills

How does it work?

Voel Inc customizes each presentation and each class or workshop for your organization’s specific goals and needs.

Specific modules can be designed or chosen out of our library of modules.  Some of these modules are::

  1. Communication tools: Four tools to empower your communications
  2. Operating out of my Self at work
  3. Transforming how I relate to others
  4. Discovering the five dimensions of empowerment
  5. Sourcing from within: the key to effective leadership
  6. Five steps to building a strong team
  7. How to avoid conflicts by becoming an empathetic individual
  8. Learning to discern facts from judgments and emotions
  9. It’s a you and me world: becoming a team player

For information on our products and services please contact: Danyelle Beaudry 514-791-5976 OR Text or Email