Classes and Workshops

Voel offers a number of classes and workshops for groups.

Great care is given to the quality and delivery of the material provided. The classes/workshops listed have been provided with great success to numerous groups.  All materials are included for each class.

FEES for all classes and workshops are determined with the host/organization.  To organize a class or workshop, email

Here is a list of classes and workshops available to ALL GROUPS.

Classes and workshops for ALL GROUPS:


At what level of consciousness do you operate in your life?  Are you a robot, a noticer, a victim, a missionary, a monk, a healer or a co-creator? Learn to move up on the continuum of consciousness!

Discover the 7 levels of consciousness (Robot, Noticer, Victim, Missionary, Monk, Healer, Co-Creator) and the five dimensions of being (mental, physical, emotional, will, spiritual). There are 70 areas within the five dimensions (ex. manage money, express anger responsibly…) of your life in which you can become a co-creator and live life to its fullest!!!

Understanding where at what level you operate provides the opportunity to identify what you need to do to move to the Co-Creator level in all areas of your life.

  • Available as a short class (1 to 3 hours), a series of weekly classes or as a full day workshop


Discover how good you are at feeling, expressing, listening to and channeling the seven basic emotions.  These are anger, joy, love, sadness, shame, fear and excitement.  Uncover where you learned to experience your emotions the way you do and how you can become a master at channeling emotional energy to create the life you really want for yourself.

Learn tools to access the power of your emotions…your fuel cells.

  • Available as a short class (1 to 3 hours), a series of weekly classes or as a full day workshop


Do you react in fear or shrivel when others express their anger? Did you know that anger energy is a source of creative power that you can tap into to create the life you want?

Come and join us for this powerful workshop on anger – This workshop will allow you to:

discover the source of your anger

find out why you have trouble with your own anger and that of others

experiment with using your own anger as creative energy.

  • Available as a short class (1 to 3 hours), a series of weekly classes or as a full day workshop


Are you tired of believing that you don’t deserve to have it all? Are you constantly listening to your negative self talk?

Do you believe you are damaged, or unlovable, or a failure? We all have shame. What is important is what you do with yours.

What role does shame play in your life? Where did it originate? How does it manifest? What are its’ symptoms?

The first step in healing shame is to acknowledge its presence and finding the places where it lurks. When that is accomplished you can then heal it and free yourself from its reins.

A life without shame the only way to live!

  • Available as a short class (1 to 3 hours), a series of weekly classes or as a full day workshop


Are you aware of the natural flow of the Universe (be-do-have) or are you still trying to swim up stream in a have-do-be world. This class is designed to enhance your ability to flow naturally and to create the life you really want for yourself.

Learn to master the creative process and apply it to the vision you have of yourself and of your life.

You are in charge; it’s time for you to take charge!!!

  • Available as a short class (1 to 3 hours), a series of weekly classes or as a full day workshop

WHAT IF WE COULD LIVE AT PEACE IN THE WORLD?- Five Paths to Heal Ourselves and our Planet »

Each one of us is a microcosm of our planet.

The state of our planet (global warming, toxic waste etc…) represents the state of our inner reality.  We are separated from parts of ourselves.  Most of us live our lives disconnected from our hearts.  And because of this, we only “think” what we do and don’t “feel” it.  If we did, we would have known a long time ago the different impacts of our actions; for example, that pollution destroys the planet as well as our own bodies.  Disconnected from our bodies, we are disconnected from the planet, the body of us all.

Healing the planet implies healing our individual consciousness.  There is no way around that.  We must each journey down the path of personal integration.  When we achieve inner harmony, each aspect of our being, our mind, heart, body, will and spirit plays the role it was meant to play.  We are in balance and honor all of ourselves.  Not only do we honor our thoughts, but we also honor the power of our emotions, of our actions, of our will and of the spirit within.  We can then honor the planet and achieve peace in the world.

Healing implies that we:

  1. Take 100% responsibility not only for our actions but also for our experience at all levels
  2. Make decision based on facts (science, observation) and not on our judgments (beliefs, opinions, interpretations, ideologies etc…)
  3. Honor the differences within ourselves and with others
  4. Create our future consciously
  5. Live an Integrated Life (honoring the individual, different and synergistic power of our mind, heart, body, will and spirit)
  • Available as a short class (1 to 3 hours), a series of weekly classes or as a full day workshop


Develop a deep understanding of how to shift from Ego-consciousness to Higher Self-consciousness.  Discover the tools needed for

Right thinking (the ability to discern facts from judgments and to know what the truth is, the truth is about a situation, what the truth is behind appearances)

Right feeling (the ability to feel, express and channel emotions in a healthy and creative way)

Right doing (the ability to make choices aligned with my true goals and to follow through with these choices)

Right sourcing (the ability to connect with your life’s mission and to your inner center of peace and love)

  • Available as a short class (1 to 3 hours), a series of weekly class or as a full day workshop


Have you been in one or more relationship that have failed?

Have you noticed recurring patterns?  Maybe you choose the same kind of person time and time again.  Maybe you choose to leave when commitment becomes an issue or simply things don’t work out???

Learning from past relationship and identifying the hidden recurring patterns is the first step in empowering yourself to create what you want.
Many of us start relationships without taking a real hard look at what our real needs and wants are.  We compromise on what we want.
Giving yourself the time to reflect on these topics is the best investment that you can make towards attracting the ideal partner for YOU.

During the workshop the facilitator as well as the other participants share their experience and support you in finding out what is true for you.

The workshop is full of insightful discussions, group and individual exercises and original ideas to stimulate you in doing relationships the way you want to.

This workshop is for singles who want to do it differently next time.

Duration of Workshop: This 1,5 day workshop starts on Friday night from 7 to 9 p.m. and runs on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Preparation for workshop: an assessment questionnaire is filled out by each participant at the time of enrollment and needs to be brought to the WS.


In these challenging times, we look for support in our immediate environment.  The first person we look to is our partner in life. Unfortunately, many of us experience stressful communications and conflictual experiences with our partner.

This workshop is designed to EMPOWER you to create the kind of relationship you want with your life partner by establishing the nurturing experience that you need to celebrate your life.

Building a winning team starts with acknowledging and celebrating what works.  Therefore, the design of the WS focuses on using the strengths already present and identifying winning strategies to transform the areas that you want to improve.

As human beings we function in five dimensions.  As couples we also operate in these five dimensions: During the workshop, you will explore 

Your MIND TOGETHER:  What visions, goals, values to you share as a couple?

Your HEART TOGETHER:  How do you express, listen to and channel emotions together?

Your WILL TOGETHER:  As partners, how do you demonstrate your commitment to your relationship and to your life in general?

Your PHYSICAL DIMENSION TOGETHER: As partners, how do you manage day-to-day life including money, kids, housecleaning etc…

Your SPIRITUAL DIMENSION TOGETHER: What spiritual beliefs and practices do you share with your partner in order to source your relationship and your life?

Understanding and experiencing go hand in hand during the workshop allowing you to CLEARLY know what works and what doesn’t and to share and experience new ways of relating.  Stimulating discussions, exchanges with other couples and processing through more difficult issues will supply you with tools and powerful transformational experiences.

Each one of us has within them selves the potential to live life as we dream it in our hearts.

This potential will be revealed to you during the WS.


Duration of workshop: this 2 ½  day weekend starts Friday at 6:30 p.m. till 9:00, runs on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and on Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Preparation for workshop:  An assessment questionnaire is filled out by each participant at the time of enrollment and needs to be returned for compilation and analysis a week prior to the weekend WS.

Follow-up to workshop:  A one-hour coaching session will be provided to each couple two to four weeks after the workshop.