Danyelle’s Bio

Danyelle Beaudry

Founder of the Voel Transformational Technologies

Author and Management Consultant


Co-founder and president of Axion consulting firm Danyelle provided services in Total Quality Management, Reorganization/Reengineering and Team Implementation Programs.

Projects budgeted at $15,000 to $3,000,000;

Clients received prestigious awards such as the Motorola Excellence Award for Suppliers and numerous H.R. awards.

Danyelle was responsible for:

  1. Management of major projects with clients;
  2. Marketing, design and development of all programs;
  3. Consulting with and training senior management on strategic planning, leadership, coaching and personal development programs and on implementation of major projects.

Danyelle’s clients included:

Alcan Aluminum, Bell Canada, Circo Craft (Circuit Boards International), St Lawrence Seaway, Christie Brown, Abbott Pharmaceuticals, Mitel International, CMHC (Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation)… and many more


    1. Concordia University, Montreal, Member of board of directors for the International MBA Competition
    2. Council of Employers of Quebec (Conseil du patronat), Montreal, member of the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors.  (represents 60% of the workforce in Quebec)
    3. Association of Private Training Firms of Quebec (AEPF), president of the Board of Directors
    4. Quebec Association for Manpower Development (Societe Quebecoise pour le Developpement de la Main-d’Oeuvre), member and VP of the Board


Recognizing that success in business is created by successful individuals. Danyelle designed the Voel Technology – a set of 30 tools to support individuals, couples and organizations to achieve mastery in the five dimensions of being: the mind, the heart, the body, the will and the spirit. Mastery engenders harmony which translates into high quality personal and organizational relationships, financial success and physical, emotional and mental health.

Danyelle’s work as founder of this program includes

  1. Weekend workshops across Canada and the USA;
  2. Private coaching sessions for individuals and couples;
  3. Transformational work for organizations;
  4. A three-year Self-Mastery program;
  5. Speaker at conferences, radio shows and on television.


Bachelors Degree in Psychology and Political Science from Ottawa University, Canada

MA studies in Political Science from Ottawa University, not completed


Danyelle is the mother of 3 children and grandmother of 7 grandchildren. She  lives in NJ and in Quebec Canada.