Coaching Services

Consciousness transforms consciousness.

Danyelle’s coaching services provide a temporary mental, emotional and spiritual space from which you can transform dysfunctional mental, emotional and physical patterns.  We all have such patterns.

After all we’re all humans who aspire to greater experience and expression. And so did our parents.  In their quest to prepare us for the world and for life they not only transferred their knowledge and love, they also passed on their limitations and emotional wounds.

As adults we are now totally responsible for discovering the gold in these wounds and for creating patterns of our own that empower our ability to be all that we want to be.

This process requires a little help.  A blind leading a blind doesn’t work.

If I lack self-esteem or self-love it is almost impossible for me to hold myself with love and empathy.

Transformation can only occur through the acceptance of what is with love and empathy.

Danyelle holds that space for you.

Several times a month you are invited to experience life’s situations through the prism of discernment and acceptance.

Dysfunctional and painful patterns are uncovered, repressed emotions are released, deep understanding of why you show up as you do is revealed.

You are invited to breathe deeply, sit quietly within and allow the transformation of a wounded part of yourself into an inner power of creation.  Relationships are transformed, your interpersonal skills improve along with your sense of self.

Coaching sessions last 50 minutes and cost $90.00.  The fee is $75.00 for those who enroll in the Self-Mastery program.