Self-Mastery Program


We are born with a user’s manual. This manual is designed as an inner guide on how to activate each part of our being to reach our life’s purpose and goals.

Our original user’s manual contains 5 chapters:

1 How to use your mind

2 How to use your heart

3 How to use your body

4 How to access spirit within

5 How to use your will

During our formative years (1 to 7), our original user’s manual is slowly eroded.

It is replaced with other users’ manuals: our parents’, our community’s, our culture‘s, our education’s, our religion’s.

As we adopt the beliefs and practices of these other guides we slowly disconnect from our authentic being…who we truly are in every present moment and who we are meant to be.

With this loss comes a void

…the very painful experience of not living from our center

…the very painful experience of not being able to access and express our authentic thoughts and emotions

…the very painful experience of not being able to act authentically in the world.

In reaction to this we attempt to fill that void. We look outside for answers to the following questions

• Who can make me feel better?

• What can I ingest to be happy (food, drugs, alcohol…)?

• What activities to I need to do to feel worthy (work, exercise, sex…)?

• What can I buy to create joy? (toys: technology, cars, clothes, jewelry, property, money….)

• How do I need to look to be loved (plastic surgery, dieting…)

Voel’s Self-Mastery program is a journey back home…back to your Self.

It is the opportunity of a lifetime…the opportunity to connect deeply within.

It is the opportunity to connect to the real experience of YOUR being within.

Suddenly there is no question about who YOU are.  YOU know. You are no longer an aggregate of human attributes. You simply ARE THAT YOU ARE.

1 You live from the inside out.  You no longer depend on others for direction or for your sense of self.

2 You are no longer defined by what you do, by what you own, by who you love and who loves you and by what you look like.

3 You experience real freedom.  Freedom is not the ability to do what you want at all times.  Real freedom is a deep connection to self that fills you with certainty, love and peace no matter what.

So what is the Self-Mastery program? 

The program is a set of 30 tools designed to dismantle the disempowering patterns of your mind, heart and body. Patterns of behavior that were imposed by other people’s beliefs and practices.

The program also re-ignites and rebuilds empowering patterns of mind, heart and body encapsulated in your original and authentic user’s manual.

In other words you stop being what others expected or wanted you to be and you become who you were meant to be all along.

These 30 tools work in the five different dimensions of being.  There are tools for the mind, the heart, the body, the spirit and the will.

The tools for each dimension have their own purpose.

1 Tools of the mind develop your ability to master thoughts by discerning facts from judgments and by creating empowering thoughts (vision, values, beliefs)

2 Tools of the heart develop your ability to surrender to emotions and to harness the power of emotions

3 Tools of the body increase the ability to feel your body, to understand it’s language and to increase it’s vitality.  They also train you to function in the physical realm by managing resources (time, money…) efficiently.

4 Tools for the spirit increase the connection to your inner guide, to your personal mission and to your inner center of peace and love

5 Tools for the will develop your ability to harness the power of the will to support your personal work and the decisions and actions that you need/want to take.

All tools are interlinked.  One tool links to another. For example when you learn a tool that empowers the mind you can link it to another tool that helps you function better emotionally.

How does the program work? 

– The program lasts 3 years.

– The program is designed with two strategies in mind.

Strategy #1: Learning the tools in training groups

Year 1 and 2 offer 4 weekends of 25 hours each per year.

The weekends are for groups.  Small groups of 3 to 8 individuals spend three days together (Friday morning to Sunday afternoon) and LEARN the tools

Year 3 offers a 4 day weekend, several small workshops and a 10 day retreat.

Strategy #2 Integrating the tools through individual coaching sessions:  

Each year also offers a number of coaching sessions:

3 to 4 coaching sessions per month for Year 1, 2 and 3

Coaching sessions are individual and can be provided in person or by telephone.

Coaching sessions help integrate the tools in your daily life.

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THE PROGRAM, text or email or call 514-791-5976